March 21, 2018

After many months of cold weather, spring will be very much welcome. Not only does it bring warmer temperatures, but the gorgeous landscape. And the bright and beautiful blooms make for a wonderful opportunity to take your little one outside and take photos.
Here are the 50 spring baby photos that you don’t want to miss.

  1. Kids in the wildflowers. Because nothing is cuter than a baby and blooms!
  2. Toes barefoot in the grass. Spring is a time when the grass starts to grow again and is greener than ever. Let your little one stick their toes in and enjoy the texture. Capture their face as they explore.
  3. Petting baby chicks. Sweet baby chicks are a staple of spring and with your cutie petting them, it will be a photo full of cuteness.
  4. Playing in a rain puddle. Spring showers will be in full swing, so let them go outside and splash around while you capture the magic.
  5. Laying on the ground surrounded by flowers. This is a great idea for newborn babies born in the spring. Swaddle them up in a blanket and place flowers around him or her in the shape of an oval. Take the photo from above for a striking photo you will cherish forever.
  6. With a flower head crown. What a more beautiful way to ring in spring than with a crown made of beautiful, fresh, spring flowers? Your little princess will love wearing a crown made of gorgeous buds.
  7. Snuggling a stuffed bunny. Let them give the cuddling toy a big hug and capture the moment of cuteness.
  8. Wearing bunny ears and holding carrots. Give your little bunny a pair of ears with a cute bunny hat and some carrots for a fun little photo that is perfect for spring.
  9. Surrounded by spring’s most beautiful blooms. Spring is a time that all of the blooms arrive after a long winter. Whether it’s a garden full of tulips or a cherry blossom tree, take a photo of your little one with the blooms as a stunning backdrop.
  10. With a spring bonnet or straw hat. Nothing is cuter than a baby in a hat! Get out their best spring attire for their head and take a cute picture in the grass.
  11. Petting a bunny. They are cute and they are soft. Get your little one petting a bunny and capture the adorable moment.
  12. In their best spring attire. Getting dressed up during spring is so much fun. Whether it’s seersucker or a floral dress, let them show off their duds in a mini photo session.
  13. In a basket full of Easter eggs. If you’ve got a very little one, a great newborn shot could be to put them in a big basket and put Easter eggs around them. It’s a colorful and perfect photo that screams spring.
  14. With their best shades. Protecting your little one’s eyes can be oh so adorable. Get a shot of them in their cool sunglasses.
  15. Holding an Easter basket. Let your little one show off what the Easter bunny will give him.
  16. Easter eggs. Put out the Easter egg dyeing materials, grab your camera and step back. Try to capture the little things, like the eggs themselves, the dye on your kids' little fingers and that look of focus in their eyes.
  17. Dressed in their best rain gear. Give your little a mini umbrella, rain boots, and a raincoat and let them play outside while you take some adorable photos.
  18. Surrounded by bubbles. If you want your kids to stand still long enough for you to get some great pictures, give them some bubbles and snap away while they’re focused on blowing them.
  19. Holding a nest of eggs. Get a fake nest and eggs and let your little one hold them in their lap for the photo.
  20. In a wagon. Spring is a great time to go outside and enjoy the warmer weather. Take your little one on a wagon ride and take a photo of how much they enjoy it.
  21. Enjoying a picnic. Set a blanket on the grass and enjoy a family picnic. Capture the moments when your little one is enjoying the beautiful outdoors.
  22. Blowing away flower petals. Put some flower petals in your little one’s hands and take a photo just as they blow them out.
  23. Smelling their favorite spring flower. Watch as they experience the scent of their very favorite spring bloom.
  24. Laying in the grass. Let your little one lay in the grass and then take a photo from above for a striking photo.
  25. Playing in the sprinkler. During those warmer spring days, let your little one run around with the sprinkler and capture the moment.
  26. With a kite on a windy day. Let them run and laugh while you capture their joy with your camera.
  27. Bugs. Photos of your children holding a ladybug or even a worm in their hands will one day make your heart melt. Don’t miss these fun shots!
  28. Ice cream.There’s something magical about the first real ice cream cone of the season. Take pictures of the whole experience, from the look of joy when they first get them through the messy-faced aftermath.
  29. Bikes. Once you dig their bikes out of winter storage, set up a bike-washing station and capture your kids as they wash their bikes for spring.
  30. Kids play barefoot. Those same clean feet that you captured running in the grass will get super-dirty after your kids play barefoot for a while. Grab your camera and document just how filthy they get. You may not think it today, but one day you’ll look back and those dirty feet of childhood will be absolutely beautiful.

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